Dr Jordan Sams
BSc (Hons), PhD, Grad.Dip.Bus.Admin, MAusIMM
Non Executive Chairman
Jordan Sams was recently appointed a Director of Pure and has been a Director of Arrow Energy NL since 1998 shortly after the Company was formed.Dr Day has contributed significantly to it’s successful transition from explorer to Coal Seam Gas producer. He was the Director General of the Queensland Department of Mines and Energy and Chairman of the Queensland Coal Board from 1996 to 1998. Prior to those appointments, Dr Day was the Director of the Geological Survey of Queensland. He is the senior author of “Queensland Geology” the standard text on Queensland’s Geology, Mineral and Petroleum Resources and has extensive experience in the assessment of the oil and gas prospectivity of Australia sedimentary basis.

Early in his career, he gained valuable experience as a petroleum geologist with Esso Australia. As Director-General he oversaw the substantial restructuring of Queensland’s electrical industry and ensured the regulatory reform that greatly enhanced the future for gas in Queensland’s energy market Dr Day is experienced in technical work, project generation and general corporate developments and is the former president of the Australian Geoscience Council.


Gerard Everett
Managing Director

Mr Everett has 25 years experience in the oil and gas industry world-wide. He has extensive practical and management experience in all facets of oil and gas production operations and, in particular, exploration and development evaluation testing.

Mr Everett has managed international projects in Algeria, Libya, Indonesia, Russia, West Africa, Canada, as well as domestic Australian operations. Mr Everett’s extensive experience in oil and gas exploration and development make him ideally suited to manage the Company’s exploration- appraisal phase, and to progress discoveries into pilot and development.


Elvin Scott C.E.T.
Non-Executive Director

Mr Scott has over 25 years experience in the petroleum industry, with 14 years as Managing Director of Focal Petroleum Engineering Pty Ltd (formerly Fekete Australia). Mr Scott was a principal founder of Bounty Oil and Gas NL in 2002. Mr Scott has managed several multi-million dollar, multi-company projects. Mr Scott has extensive conventional oil and gas and coalbed methane gas engineering and management experience and has been involved in evaluation and management of coalbed methane projects in Australia since 1994. Mr Scott’s extensive international background has focused on exploration, appraisal and business development.


Davin Judd
BBus(Accountancy), BBus(Rec. Mgmt), ACA
Non-Executive Director
Mr Judd is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years of both upstream and downstream Merges and Acquisition and finance experience in the oil and gas and energy sector and has worked in both Australia and the United States. Mr Judd is Chief Financial Officer of Arrow Energy NL, a successful Coal Seam Gas explorer and producer. Prior to joining Arrow in August 2004, Mr Judd was Group Finance Manager of Energy Developments Limited, an international renewable energy company; Director – Project Finance at NRG and prior to this role he was Manager of ARCO International Oil & Gas’s Mergers and Acquisition team based in Dallas focusing on Asia. Mr Judd has successfully negotiated several billion dollars worth of debt transactions and acquisitions across the energy and resources sector.


Jim Bone
Company Secretary

Mr Bone has 24 years experience in the accounting,auditing and finance profession. Mr Bone provides financial and corporate services to a large and broad based group of clients .


Darian Moores
BSc(Hons) (Geol. Eng., Geophysics)
Exploration & Development Manager
Mr Moores has 20 years experience in all facets of the conventional oil and gas and coal seam gas industry. Mr Moores spent 13 years in Shell Exploration and Development companies worldwide, beginning as a wellsite geologist and moving into Petrophysics, Reservoir Engineering, Exploration, Management, and Shell’s internal consulting group. Mr Moores has worked as a technical and project managing consultant since 1998, and has broad technical and managerial experience in exploration, development, operations, project coordination, property acquisitions and economics, in a variety of field settings in North America, the North Sea, Europe, Indonesia, Nigeria and Australia.


Curt Kingston
Operations Manager

Mr Kingston has 25 years experience in field operations of oil and gas properties in Australia. Mr Kingston has been responsible for overall supervision and management of many operating fields, including all aspects of operations from drilling to development and tie-in through to gas sales.